2016 custom portrait prices

16"x 20" .......... 1200.

24"x 30".........2000.

30"x 40"........2800.

36"x 48"........4000.

All portraits are guaranteed. Prices are based on a painting of one person with a plain background, painted in oil or acrylic, on either canvas or wood panel. For each additional person or animal in the portrait, the price is generally 50% more. Elaborate backgrounds carry an additional charge, depending on the complexity and detail. Frames are not included.

I usually paint subjects during live sittings, using my own photos for reference in the studio. Memorial portraits of loved ones, subjects unable to pose, and sometimes children, are painted using photo references.

The canvas sizes above serve only as an example, as there are many possible sizes and compositions. Please feel free to call with questions about a portrait.


​St. Augustine, Florida

(USA) 904-347-9150